Pharmacy - Moocs (1264 Modules)


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1 Physical form: Crystal and amorphous Click here
2 Preformulation I Polymorphism, Particle size/shape Click here
3 Solubility Profile (solubility, pH and pKa) Click here
4 Partition Coefficient and Flow Properties Click here
5 Hydrolysis, oxidation, reduction Click here
6 Racemization Click here
7 Dissolution, Permeability and BCS Click here
8 Polymerization Click here
9 Tablets-I Introduction Click here
10 Tablets-II Manufacturing Tablets Click here
11 Tablets-III Tablet Coating Click here
12 Tablets-IV QC of tablets Click here
13 Liquid Orals (Syrups and Elixirs) Click here
14 Emulsion-I (Introduction theories and identification tests) Click here
15 Emulsion-II (Formulations of Emulsions) Click here
16 Suspension Dosage Form Click here
17 Parenterals-I (Introduction: Preformulation of parenterals) Click here
18 Parenterals-I (Formulation of Parenterals) Click here
19 Parenterals-I (Types of Parenteral Preparations) Click here
20 Parenterals-I (Plant lay out for Parenterals) Click here
21 Parenterals II (Pyrogens and pyrogenicity) Click here
22 Parenterals II Quality Control of Parenterals Click here
23 Capsule I (Physical form: Crystal and amorphous) Click here
24 Capsule II -Mr Lokesh Adhikari Click here
25 Capsule III Click here
26 Capsule IV Click here
27 Pellet Dosage Form Click here
28 Ophthalmic Preparations Introduction, absorption through eye, formulation considerations Click here
29 Ophthalmic Preparations Dosage Form Click here
30 Ophthalmic Preparation Method of Preparation,Labeling,Containers evaluation Click here
31 Pharmaceutical Aerosols I Click here
32 Pharmaceutical Aerosols II Click here
33 Pharmaceutical Aerosols III (Components and systems of aerosols) Click here
34 Pharmaceutical Aerosols IV (Inhalers and Evaluation of Aerosols) Click here
35 Cosmetics - I - Click here
36 Cosmetics II (Sunscreen preparations and dentifrices) Click here
37 Cosmetics III Shampoo, hair dye and lipstick Click here
38 Packaging Materials Science- I Click here
39 Packaging Materials Science- II Official Requirements and Stability Aspects Click here
40 Packaging Materials Science- III QC tests of packaging materials Click here
41 Pellets Introduction,Formulation,Pelletization Process,Equipment needed Click here
42 Tablets Compression and Processing Problems Click here

Moocs- Bacteriology And Virology (37 Modules)

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1 Structure of Prokaryotic Cell Click here
2 Diversified cell structure and function in prokaryotes Click here
3 Structure and Function of Bacterial Cell Wall (Gram + and - Bacteria) Click here
4 Structure and Function of Bacterial Cell Wall (Other Prokaryotes) Click here
5 Bio-Synthesis and Degradation of Bacterial Cell Wall Click here
6 Bacterial Cell Wall Inhibitors: ß-Lactam Family of Antibiotics Click here
7 Antibiotics Preventing Cell Wall Synthesis (Other than ß-Lactam) Click here
8 Sterilization Techniques –I Click here
9 Sterilization Techniques –II Click here
10 Pure Culture Techniques Click here
11 Microscopy I Click here
12 Microscopy II Click here
13 Microscopy III Click here
14 Microscopy IV Click here
15 Culture Media Click here
16 Types of culture media Click here
17 Asexual Reproduction in Bacteria (Part-1) Click here
18 Asexual Reproduction in Bacteria (Part-2) Click here
19 Asexual Reproduction in Bacteria (Part-3) Click here
20 Sexual Reproduction in Bacteria-I Click here
21 Sexual Reproduction in Bacteria-II Click here
22 Sexual Reproduction in Bacteria-III Click here
23 Classification of Bacteria (Early Approaches) Click here
24 Classification of Bacteria (Modern Approaches) Click here
25 Classification of Bacteria (Overview of Domain Bacteria) Click here
26 Simple Staining Click here
27 Differential Staining Click here
28 Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Click here
29 Antibiotic Sensitivity Assay Artificial Click here
30 Classification of Viruses (Part-1) Click here
31 Classification of Viruses (Part-2) Click here
32 Classification of Viruses (Part-3) Click here
33 T4 bacteriophage Click here
34 Bacteriophage ΦX174 Click here
35 Determination of Phage Titre (T4) by Plating Method Using E.coli Click here
36 Isolation and Characterization of E.Coli Click here
37 Isolation of Rhizobium and Frankia from Soil Click here

Moocs- Basic Biostatistics (1 Modules)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 Introduction to statistics and bio statistics Click here

Moocs- Bimolecular: Structure Function in Health and Disease (38 Modules)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 Introduction to Swayam Course : Biomolecules Click here
2 T1 Chemical bonds Covalent and Non covalent types of bond and bond energies,Bond Angles etc Click here
3 T2 Water The molecule of life Click here
4 T3 Aqueous Solution,Acids and Bases,Measurements of pH, Henderson Haselbatch equation,Titration Curve Click here
5 T4 Amino acids, chirality, peptide bond and polypeptides Click here
6 T5 Structural Levels of proteins and stablizing forces Click here
7 T6 Conformational properties of polypeptides and Ramachandran plot Click here
8 T7 Turns, Loop, Super Secondary Structures, Motifs and Domains in Proteins Click here
9 T8 Structures and function of Fibrous Proteins Click here
10 T9 Structure and Functions of Actin and Myosins Click here
11 T10 Hemoglobin Myoglobin,Oxygen binding Click here
12 T11 Role of Protein Structure Health and disease 2 Prions, JCD Click here
13 T13 Protein Seperation Centrifugation and Chromatography Click here
14 T14 Protein Sequencing Click here
15 T15 Methods of structure determination of proeins X ray,NMR,CD Click here
16 T16 Clinical Proteomics Click here
17 T17 Antigen Antibody Complex and their applications in Immunology Click here
18 T18 Protein LigandSmall Molecule including drugs interaction Click here
19 T19 Component of Nucleic acids Click here
20 T20 Conformational parameters and Nuclei acids Click here
21 T21 DNA Double Helix and Polymorphism Click here
22 T22 Circular DNA Click here
23 T23 Supercoiled DNA Click here
24 T24 Interaction of small moleculesions,drugs with DNA Click here
25 T25 Different types and their Structures of RNA Click here
26 T26 DNA Protein interaction Click here
27 T28 Introduction to carbohydrates Click here
28 T29 Structure and conformations of polysacaccharide cellulose,amylase,chitin,carbohydrate conjugates Click here
29 T30 Saturated and Unsaturated fatty acids, Nomencluture and fatty acids and Essential and non essent Click here
30 T31 Glycoproteins and Proteoglycons Click here
31 T32 Classification of Lipids simple and compound lipids,phospholipids,cholestrol Click here
32 T33 Micelles and Liposomes Applications in Biology and Medicine Click here
33 T34 Lipids Extraction,Seperation and Analysis Click here
34 T35 Components and architecture of Cell membrane Click here
35 T36 Various Membrane Models including Fluid mosaic model Click here
36 T37 Cholesterol and its role in health and disease Click here
37 T38 Interrealtionship of Biomolecules Systems Biology Click here
38 T39 Epigenetics and Human Disease Click here

Moocs- Bioorganic and Biophysical chemistry (37 Modules)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Cell structure and techniques Click here
2 M-02. Constituents of Cells Lipids Click here
3 M-03. Sugars and Polysaccharides Click here
4 M-04. Amino acids and related molecules Click here
5 M-05. Nucleotides and polynucleotides Click here
6 M-06. Structure of DNA Click here
7 M-07. Protein structure Click here
8 M-08. Introduction to Enzymes, their classification and nomenclature Click here
9 M-09. Extraction and Purification of Enzymes Click here
10 M-10. Gel permeation chromatography Click here
11 M-11. Ion Exchange Chromatography Click here
12 M-12. Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Proteins and Peptides Click here
13 M-13. Hydrodynamic Properties of Macromolecules-I Click here
14 M-14. Hydrodynamic properties of Macromolecules- II Click here
15 M-15. Thermodynamics of enzymes catalysed reactions Click here
16 M-16. Enzyme Kinetics-I Click here
17 M-17. Enzyme Kinetics-II Click here
18 M-18. Enzyme Inhibitions Click here
19 M-19. General mechanisms of enzyme action-I Click here
20 M-20. General Mechanisms of Enzyme Action -II Click here
21 M-21. Bisubstrate Reactions Click here
22 M-22. Mechanism of enzyme catalyzed reactions I- chymotrypsin Click here
23 M-23. Mechanism of Enzyme catayzed Reactions II (Lysozyme) Click here
24 M-24. Ridonuclease and carboxypeptidase A Click here
25 M-25. Coenzyme-I : Coenzyme A, TPP, B12 and biotin Click here
26 M-26. Co-enzyme II Click here
27 M-27. Co-enzyme-III pyridoxal phosphate Click here
28 M-28. Biotechnological applications-I , immobilised enzymes Click here
29 M-29. Enzyme in food Click here
30 M-30. Enzymes as targets or drug design Click here
31 M-31. Enzymes in clinical use, Diagnotics and reagents Click here
32 M-32. Therapeutic uses of enzymes Click here
33 M-33. Electrophoresis and isotopes in biology Click here
34 M-34. Introduction to molecular asymmetry (chirality, enantiomerism, optical activity etc.) Click here
35 >M-35. Calixarene, ionophores, micelles, synthetic enzymes or synzymes Click here
36 M-36. Bioinformatics as tools in understanding enzymes Click here
37 M-37. Improving enzyme capacity: protein engineering Click here

Biostatistics and Mathematical Biology (136)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 Course Introduction Click here
2 Week 01 Introduction Click here
3 Module 01- Section 01: Introduction, Scope and Philosophical Framework Click here
4 Module 01- Section 02: Critical Thinking Click here
5 Module 01- Section 03: Scientific methodology Click here
6 Module 02- Section 01: Types of Studies - Observational Studies Click here
7 Module 02- Section 02: Types of Studies - Experimental Studies Click here
8 Module 02- Section 03: Types of Studies - Classification Based on Data Analysis Click here