Social Medicine and Community Health (111)

Paper I General epidemiology (1)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 26. Principles of causality Click here

Paper II Human Nutrition (6)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Types Of Food Click here
2 M-07. Nutritional Diseases: An Overview Click here
3 M-10. Nutrition Monitoring and Surveillance Click here
4 M-12. Epidemiology of Iodine Deficiency Disorders IDD Click here
5 M-13. Food Toxins Click here
6 M-22. Food Fortification and Enrichment Click here

Paper III National health policies and programmes (35)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Evolution of Health Policy in India Click here
2 M-02. National Population Policy Click here
3 M-03. National Education Policy 1986 Click here
4 M-04. National Housing and Habitat Policy 1998 Click here
5 M-05. National Youth Policy Click here
6 M-06. Thrust Areas of 12th Five Year Plan (2012 – 2017) Click here
7 M-07. National Policy for the Empowerment of Women Click here
8 M-08. National Health Policy 2002 Click here
9 M-09. National Programme for Blood Safety Click here
10 M-10. National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme- An overview and Malaria Click here
11 M-11. Filaria and Kala-Azar Click here
12 M-12. National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme: Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue and Chikungunya Click here
13 M-13. Framework for Malaria Elimination: Global and National (2016-2030) Click here
14 M-14. Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme Click here
15 M-15. National Leprosy Eradication Programme Click here
16 M-16. National Guinea worm and Yaws Eradication Programme Click here
17 M-17. National AIDS Control Programme Click here
18 M-18. National Polio Eradication Programme Click here
19 M-19. National Tobacco Control Programme Click here
20 M-20. National Programme for Control of Blindness Click here
21 M-21. National Programme for the Prevention and Control of Deafness Click here
22 M-22. National Programme on Occupational Diseases Click here
23 M-23. National Mental Health Programme Click here
24 M-24. National Health Mission Part I:Institutional framework of NHM and Health sector reforms for concerted action Click here
25 M-25. National Health Mission Part II: Service Delivery, Monitoring and Financing under NHM Click here
26 M-26. Non-Communicable Disease Control Programme I Click here
27 M-27. Non-Communicable Disease Control Programme II Click here
28 M-28. National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly Click here
29 M-29. National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme Click here
30 M-30. New Born action plan Click here
31 M-31. Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva abhiyan Click here
32 M-32. Millenium Development Tools Click here
33 M-33. Sustainable Development Goal Click here
34 M-34. Integrated Disease surveillance project Click here
35 M-35. National Health Policy Click here

Paper IV Environmental health (28)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Environment and its dimensions Click here
2 M-01. Water Pollution Click here
3 M-02. Global Warming and Acid Rain Click here
4 M-02. Housing Click here
5 M-03. Lighting Click here
6 M-03. Ozone Depletion and Green House Effect Click here
7 M-04. Biodiversity and Its Conservation Click here
8 M-04. Ventilation Click here
9 M-05. Noise Pollution Click here
10 M-05. Water: sources & its uses Click here
11 M-06. Purification of water Click here
12 M-06. Radiation Pollution Click here
13 M-07. Handling and Management of Hazardous Wastes Click here
14 M-07. Water Quality Standards and their monitoring and surveillance. Click here
15 M-08. Pollution Related Diseases Click here
16 M-08. Population and environment Click here
17 M-09. Meteorological environment. Click here
18 M-10. Solid Waste Disposal: Urban and rural areas Click here
19 M-11. Excreta Disposal with special reference to different types of Latrines Click here
20 M-12. Excreta Disposal with special reference to sewage disposal Click here
21 M-13. Hospital (biological) waste management Click here
22 M-14. Human activities and degrading environment Click here
23 M-15. Endemic Fluorosis Click here
24 M-16. Arsenic contamination and its health hazards Click here
25 M-18. Air Pollution Click here
26 M-23. Water security and rain water harvesting Click here
27 M-25. Sustainable development Click here
28 M-26. Biological environment: an overview Click here

Paper V Planning and Management (12)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-05. Models of management Click here
2 M-10. Management by Objectives Click here
3 M-13. Materials Management Click here
4 M-14. Conflict management Click here
5 M-15. Financial management Click here
6 M-16. Monitoring and supervision Click here
7 M-19. Motivation Click here
8 M-20. Leadership Click here
9 M-22. Management in financial system Click here
10 M-23. Decision making and problem solving Click here
11 M-24. Operations Research Click here
12 M-26. Communication and coordination in health system Click here

Paper VI Health care delivery system (29)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Health care in developing countries Click here
2 M-02. Health Services in Developed Countries Click here
3 M-03. Health Care Financing Click here
4 M-04. Evolution of health services in India Click here
5 M-05. Health Committees Click here
6 M-06. Innovations for provision of health care in India Click here
7 M-07. Health System in India at central level Click here
8 M-08. Health System in India at State level Click here
9 M-09. Health System in India at district level Click here
10 M-10. Primary Health Care in India Click here
11 M-11. Primary Health Center: Organization and Functions Click here
12 M-12. Community Health Centre : Organization and Functions Click here
13 M-13. First Referral Units Click here
14 M-14. Job responsibilities of District Health Officers Click here
15 M-15. Job responsibilities of Medical Officers Click here
16 M-16. Job responsibilities of Health worker (Male and Female) Click here
17 M-17. Job responsibilities of Health Assistance (Male and Female) Click here
18 M-18. Job responsibilities of Health Education Officer Click here
19 M-19. Functions of personnel interfacing community , Public and Health System Click here
20 M-20. Indian public health Standard I Click here
21 M-21. Indian public health Standard II Click here
22 M-22. Health Activities of State and Local Government Click here
23 M-23. Indigenous System of medicine Click here
24 M-24. Health Insurance scheme Click here
25 M-25. Urban Health Click here
26 M-26. Tribal health Click here
27 M-27. Non Governmental Organizations and health care Click here
28 M-28. Challenge of health care in India Click here
29 M-29. Medical Audit Click here